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Submitting Optimized Web Pages to Yahoo Directory

Why Yahoo?

In the General Web Page Optimization Guidelines section we briefly touched on the subject of the Yahoo Directory. Yahoo actually stands for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle. Yahoo searches are often considered better not because they are more comprehensive but because all web sites listed are human-screened so the results are entirely relevant. Getting your web site listed in Yahoo is essential for serious web page optimization. Regardless of the fact that Yahoo uses Google's results (for the time being until they use Inktomi) your web site will be listed in Yahoo's independent directory and that will only help the rankings of your optimized web pages.

The charge to Submit to Yahoo is $299 annually, with no guarantee you will actually be listed. So what happens if they decline your submission? Well your out $299 and if you are accepted your are charged the annual fee of $299 to keep your listing. The benefits of having your rankings increase in Google and Inktomi by the sole presence of your site in the Yahoo directory is well worth the money if your budget allows for it.

READ THIS before you Submit to Yahoo Directory!

The only thing possibly worse than being declined to be in the Yahoo Directory is being accepted with a poor description. You'll want to prepare your application carefully since it's a one shot deal. Your going to need:

1. Your URL
2. Your Title (an excellent title)
3. Your Description (an excellent description)

Yahoo reserves the right to edit and place your site as their editors see fit, no special consideration. They include all of the regulations and requirements on their Yahoo Request a Listing Page.

Need Help Submitting to Yahoo?

We know some people who are experts in getting sites correctly submitted in Yahoo. Email us here to find out more.

Another new directory you may want to check out is the Morrison Directory.
The Morisson Directory has various categories to submit your site to including: Music submit your site - Sports submit your site - Web Design submit your site - Internet Marketing submit your site - Clothing submit your site - Gardens submit your site - Home Improvement submit your site - Furniture submit your site - Fitness submit your site - Weight Loss submit your site - Business submit your site


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