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Iowa Search Engine Optimization Companies

Welcome to the Iowa web page optimization and SEO directory page.

Top: Iowa Companies

Lewis Web Design
Lewis Web Design offers affordable Iowa search engine optimization (SEO).

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Sioux City – Sioux City, Iowa was founded in 1854. In the years following, it acquired its first steamboat and railroad. Sioux City is at the head of the Missouri River. The city is located 1,135 feet above sea level and has a large metropolitan area.

Cedar Rapids – Cedar Rapids has a large Czech heritage, and in the city’s center is the Czech Village where the ethnicity still thrives. Famous actors Ashton Kutcher and Ejijah Wood are both from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Des Moines – Des Moines is the capital of Iowa and is located in the center of the state. It houses over 500,000 people with several suburbs surrounding it. Des Moines is a large cultural hub of the state of Iowa with many museums and art galleries.

Burlington – Burlington is home to Iowa’s first Methodist church. The city is located on the Mississippi River and is the original home of three railroads. Snake Alley in Burlington is known as the most crooked street in the world.

Mason City – The popular musical The Music Man was loosely based upon Mason City. The city has the only remaining hotel in the world designed by Frank Lloyd Wright that is still standing, and it is currently undergoing restoration. The population of Mason City is about 29,200 people.

Ames – Ames is home to Iowa State University and was named after a 19th century congressman. Ames’ largest employer is the 3M manufacturing plant. The city has been recently selected to host the very first National Special Olympics in the summer of 2006.

Waterloo – Waterloo was named after a town in Belgium and was built on top of a Native American dwelling area. John Deere tractors has its engineering center in Waterloo. The city’s current mayor is Timothy J. Hurley.

Clinton – Clinton is home to the Mississippi Belle II riverboat casino. Clinton was named after the seventh governor of the state of New York, DeWitt Clinton. The city is also home to Ashford University.

Dubuque – Dubuque, Iowa is a booming city in the state with a large number of historical buildings and schools. The city is mainly of the Catholic religion. Dubuque has also had several Navy ships named after it.

Iowa City – Iowa City was the first state capital until it was moved to Des Moines in the 1850s. Many Mormons once lived in Iowa City until the exodus to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1856. Iowa city has a popular restaurant that is often visited by politicians and was even featured in an episode of The West Wing TV show.

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