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On Page Optimization Services (On Page SEO)

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Do you really need on page optimization?

If you have come this far there is a good chance you need on page optimization services, but ask yourself a few questions first?

- How does my website rank compared to my competitors?
- I have links coming to my website but why am I still not in the results?
- Can I afford to buy links and will I make my money back?
- Is my content adequate, good or spam?
- I repeated my keyword over and over but why am I not listed in the results?

Still reading? Then there is a good chance you need on page optimization.

Regardless of what your website is about, it needs to be optimized. Backlinks and all are great, but if your site is not unique, one of a kind and serving the search engine spiders what they want your not on the right path.

You can't win a marathon if you don't train, and your website cannot rank high if it's not optimized. Ok, enough with the metaphors, making sure your keyword is on your web page is easy enough right?

Wrong. The placement of your keywords, density, included in links along with many other factors are what can essentially decide your place in the search engine listings.

Does it really work?

Yes, it works. On page optimization is a leading factor in what search engines use to determine the natural rank of a website. Check out how we do for the phrase "On Page Optimization."

How do we optimize your website?

After we receive your form we check your keywords and make sure your targeting the correct ones. Your website may rank #1 for "Cool Celtic Crosses" but if that's not what the end user is searching for, your out of luck. And if you are ranking well, are you consistent in all the engines? Not everyone uses Google.

Once we have the correct keywords we talk about how we can effectively get them into your website. We will go through and modify your title tags, meta tags and write content as needed. We can even give you a report to show you on what scale your website is optimized for.

We can give you suggestions or actually do the work for you. Maybe you only need a few pages optimized, no problem. We'll analyze your website and tell you how to make use of what you have, most web sites have the potential to rank great but the owners do not know how to harness that power. We do!

While any SEO company will tell you (or should tell you) that there are no guarantees in how well you will rank, you can guarantee your website is optimized.

How much is this going to cost me? (it's cheaper than buying links)

On page seo services are pretty cheap, pricing is generally $100 per page. It's cheaper if you don't need much work done and we can do the work for you. We optimize your pages, and give them back to you with a report if you request one. Getting the changes added to your site is as easy as "copy & paste" or if you give us FTP we can do it for you.

Don't be skeptical if you only need a few pages done, a large amount sites we work with require less than 10 pages and it's money well spent. We'll tell you again that links are important, but they are also an ongoing process. Once your web pages are optimized you can focus your energy on other methods.

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