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General Web Page Optimization Guidelines

Since Google and Inktomi push the majority of search engine traffic it is essential to optimize your web pages for these 2 giants. Don't worry, what's good for the goose is good for the gander in this case. That said the majority of web page optimization techniques you make for Google will not harm your rankings with Inktomi, and vice versa.

When your optimizing your web pages for Inktomi your really crossing multiple search engines off your list. Inktomi provides the search technology for search engines such as Hot Bot, MSN, Excite, Looksmart and Overture. between your web page optimization for Google and Inktomi you already theoretically optimizing for 12 search engines.

2 Search Engines Down - 2 Directories To Go

Next on the list is Yahoo. The Yahoo directory pushes about half of all Internet traffic to most web pages, get listed good in Yahoo and your well on your way, the cost is $299 and it's well worth it! There is much more you need to know before shelling out money to get listed, so read our page Yahoo Directory Submit before you click the link below.

Click here for to submit to the Yahoo Directory

DMOZ or the Open Directory Project (ODP) is a free human edited directory. The guidelines for being submitted in the DMOZ directory are strict and you are only allowed to submit your home page. Your phone number and/or physical address and email address must be clearly displayed on your web page. DMOZ requires these 2 forms of contact information and when writing you web page submission you must adhere to their guidelines.

There is no time frame for your submission to be processed, you will never be notified even if your web page is successfully submitted and you must have original content. No Multi Level Marketing web pages, no affiliate sites and no mirrored or spam sites.

To submit, visit DMOZ and find the appropriate category which your web page should be listed in and click on "suggest URL" in the upper right hand corner.

Now that the guidelines are established, it's time to put the plan in action. For more information on how to submit to Yahoo and submit to DMOZ visit their appropriate pages. Be sure to read the Getting Your Site Listed for a more detailed outline on web page optimization information.

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