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Search Engine Optimization Myths & Facts

by Frank Grasso

Myth 1 - Search engine optimisation is all about knowing the right tricks. If you know how search engines operate you can easily manipulate their results

Fact 1- This one really gets me. I often come across people that tell me this. As soon as they find out I am an SEO expert they just can't wait to tell me about their new tricks. The fact is that it is often less work to achieve high rankings in search engines by following the rules. And to state the obvious - if you follow the rules you will not run the risk of being banned from a search engine.

Myth 2 - Submit to over 300 search engines and reach 100% of your market.

Fact 2 - Ask 10 people in your target market to name 10 search engines. I would be surprised if they know that many. Then ask them how many search engines they use and I would be very surprised if they don't say Google, Yahoo or MSN. These three search engines have almost 100% market share between them. The only exceptions are regional foreign language search engines but unless your website is in a foreign language these are of no use to you.

Myth 3 - Every website can benefit from search engine optimisation and marketing

Fact 3 - Search engine optimisation and marketing relies on people searching. If there are no people searching for your products and services then it is not worth your while. Find another place to spend your advertising dollars. Our keyword analysis service can help you determine if there is a market for your products and services.

Myth 4 - Increase your penetration and build your brand with search engine optimisation

Fact 4 - To increase your penetration means to sell more stuff to more customers. Penetration is also a valid brand performance measure so I am not opposed to seeing the words "penetration: and "brand" in the same sentence. I do believe that to say "Increase your penetration and build your brand with search engine optimisation" is very misleading. Search engine optimisation, when performed with care can help you get sales leads from search engines. To convert a lead to a sale or satisfied customer requires work beyond the scope of search engine optimisation and is either a job for the website owner, marketing manager, or a full service internet marketing provider. I will also go as far as saying that a careless search engine optimisation tactics can result in damage to your brand. An example of this is targeting mismatched keywords; senseless doorway pages designed for high rankings or mirrored websites from another domain name.

This search engine optimisation article has been prepared by Frank Grasso of e-channel online.

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