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Search Engine Optimization for Web Pages

A new way to think about designing and optimizing web pages!

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Web Page Optimization or is simply the process of creating a web site and it's content highly relevant for search engines and individuals searching for specific content.

The optimal goal of Search Engine Optimization is to gain top position for the keyword phrases and relevant words the site is based upon.

Why Search Engine Optimization?

If you or your client has a web site that sells a product, offers a service or just provides great content that other users would use, then you need web page optimization. A large portion of the top ranking sites listed in search engines are not even optimized. Although a great deal have large Internet Marketing firms working to keep their clients at the top of the list, a large portion are there by luck. Now imagine what you could do with a little bit of web page optimization knowledge.

Who do you need to optimize for?

With so many search engines and portals on the Internet it's easy to get overwhelmed when optimizing web pages.

Some questions you may be having about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are:

  • What search engines should I optimize web pages for?
  • How to I do Search Engine Optimization?
  • How much is SEO going to cost?
  • How soon will I see my optimized web pages in the search engines?
  • Are there any tools or resources to help Search Engine Optimization?
  • What Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics will hurt rankings?

Don't worry, you don't have to optimize for every search engine on the Internet to be successful and gain high rankings (unless you want to). Simply knowing good Search Engine Optimization techniques and the tasks that need to be completed is almost half the work, so lets get started!

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Great FREE SEO information!

My friends at Instant Postion (thanks for the tools Dave!) have started up a brand new forum! If your looking for some great SEO information, or just want to have your site reviewed by some great SEO's without worrying about your optimization skills, check out their great Search Engine Marketing Forums! It's a great place for Search Engine Optimization beginners and experts!

Also fellow member Jeremy Rizal has set up a website regarding the recent tsunami that covers information and resources to those who can help. You can visit the project here:

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